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With the MissionPreneur show you'll be learning what is working NOW when it comes to Cutting Edge Online Marketing & Mental Toughness Strategies. Mario Brown created a true lifestyle business that allows him to 'work' from anywhere in the world and now YOU'll learn how to create a business that is Fun, Highly Lucrative AND Truly Makes A Difference. Fasten your seatbelt and let's get started.
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Oct 29, 2015

It's not easy to really go for what your calling is - we often get sucked into ideas/projects or work which really isn't in alignment with our values and our core. I made some decisions for my business and on this episode you'll learn how I'm making changes to align my business with my personal goals and values.

Jul 6, 2015

There are 5 book that had the most impact on my journey as Entrepreneur since I got started and on this Episode I'll share with you exactly which books those are and why you should get them immediately.


[02:46] - "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - Robert Kiyosaki

[04:42] - "The Go-Giver" - Bob Burg and John David Mann

[06:43] - "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" - Dr. Robert Cialdini

[08:16] - "CA$HVERTISING" - Drew Eric Whitman

[09:45] - "The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It" - Michael E. Gerber

[12:27] - Bonus 1 - "The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime"

[13:42] - Bonus 2 - "The 4 Hour Work Week"

Jul 1, 2015

Once you move from Consumer to Producer your whole world will change and now you have a 100% higher chance to succeed in business and specifically as Online Entrepreneur. I strongly recommend that you listen to this episode, this mindset change means everything!


[00:37] - Big mindset shift

[01:31] - Stop buying and start creating

[02:26] - Mental trap

[06:00] - You have to produce 



Jun 29, 2015

Here's how to get started with Facebook Advertising without losing your shirt. Understand the basics and learn exactly what's working best for me right now on this short and sweet crash course episode.


[00:36] - Facebook Advertising

[01:47] - Super Target Advertising

[04:10] - Setup budget

[04:42] - News Feed Advertising

[05:03] - Right Side Advertising

[05:17] - Advertising on mobile devices

Jun 25, 2015

Building a list of amazing prospects is one of the main goals when it comes to online marketing and to do that you use Lead Magnets. Now what are the most powerful Lead Magnets to create, what works best and what is proven? Find out on today's Episode.


[00:48] - What is a lead magnet?

[01:19] - To build a list...

[02:07] - Give something away

[04:37] - Solve part of a problem

Jun 24, 2015

As entrepreneurs we all fall into the same trap of just working like crazy 7 forgetting to take breaks to unplug and rejuvenate. As a result we end up unproductive, without focus and frustrated. On this episode you'll learn how to force breaks and why that is critical.

[00:41] - Concept of taking a break

[02:06] - You have to take a break

[05:27] - Break during the day

[06:23] - Countdown time to break

[06:41] - Make sure that You unplug

Jun 22, 2015

Discover how to ensure that attendees show up live for your webinars and how to follow up the right way according t the action they take. Plus, find out how I get 10x leverage from this specific landing page.


[00:36] - Webinar

[02:21] - Real world tactics

[04:45] - Step one

[07:08] - Next step before Webinar

[09:36] - After the show...

Jun 18, 2015

Wow, that's a loaded question and here is my take on it. Don't want to miss this one!


[00:58] - What's the purpose of your life?

[03:02] - 3 simple questions

[05:46] - Remind yourself of your purpose

Jun 17, 2015

It's bee a rough couple of days here at the headquarters but as I was gearing up for this Podcast Episode I started focusing on what I'm thankful for and immediately I felt better just minutes later. This works every time - check out what I did and use it yourself to enjoy life more.


[00:37] - About gratitude and being thankful

[01:03] - 145 review on iTunes

[01:39] - 11826 downloads :)

[03:23] - The last couple days...

[05:19] - The lesson that I wanna share today



Jun 15, 2015

Doing live events can be scary and expensive if you don't have a blueprint but if you do them right, they can immediately position yourself as the leader and authority in your industry. Check this episode for some real world tips on filling your event and on how to cut your cost in half.


[00:35] - Live events

[02:35] - Why are they important?

[03:38] - In addition to that...

[04:28] - Focus on one person

[05:44] - Lower your expenses

[10:37] - When it comes to filling the event...



Jun 12, 2015

Fantastic interview with my student Sean right after he pulled off his very first product launch ever with my guidance. Key takeaways, great insights and real world discussion about what worked and what didn't work - don't miss this Episode.


[02:55] - First launch ever

[03:42] - Easier or harder than You thought?

[05:33] - Main driving point

[10:49] - Basic strategy

[11:54] - Key strategy

[19:08] - Next step

[21:07] - Second time it's gonna be so much easier

[22:39] - One mantra that You have

Jun 11, 2015

There is nothing worse then being in the middle of a promotion or launch and getting your merchant account shut down meaning you can't take any payments anymore. Discover here how to ensure that this won't happen.


[00:48] - We were playing catch phrase :)

[01:11] - How can You avoid Paypal account shut down?

[01:35] - Interesting side note

[02:23] - Let's go back to the question

[03:06] - You are in a high risk category

[05:05] - Get multiple accounts

[05:28] - Buzz about Stripe

[06:59] - Spread the risk

[07:56] - Let's repeat all

Jun 10, 2015

Struggle with how much to charge for your work or do you get distracted easily? Well listen to this Episode and you'll be absolutely shocked how much you have to make per hour to reach your financial goals and once you understand this concept you'll push much harder & you'll be more focused guaranteed!


[00:49] - What my time is worth?

[01:15] - Let's just say - $200000

[02:30] - One third of Your time is productive

[03:40] - Wake up call

[04:09] - What if You want make a $1000000?

[07:40] - How should I price my product?

[08:29] - What's Your number?

Jun 8, 2015

Launching your podcast the right way is all about having the right plan and then executing. I had a great plan but not everything worked out the way I wanted it to be and some strategies worked extremely well. Since 8 weeks I've been dominating New & Noteworthy on iTunes and here is how I did it step by step.


[02:09] - Podcast launch

[02:42] - We come up with the plan

[03:42] - Ranking on iTunes

[05:35] - I did a contest...

[08:24] - Live contest going right now

[10:40] - To get on other peoples shows...

[12:23] - Cool thing that I didn't do

[14:04] - My plan was...

[14:58] - Review exchange group

[16:54] - Facebook ads

[18:26] - All You have to do is execute

Jun 5, 2015

Fantastic interview with Russell digging deep into his funnels, high ticket sales and biggest lessons learned. Both Mario & Russell don't hold back on this interview and share the nitty gritty of what is working Right Now. This absolutely is a 'Do Not Miss' Episode.


[3:16] - One minute summary Russell Brunson

[4:10] - First product - potato gun?

[5:50] - Approach to fear

[10:29] - Diversity in ClickFunnels

[14:51] - Launching ClickFunnels

[23:05] - If You moving forward, You keeps opening new doors

[36:43] - Guru on the mountain

[38:39] - Blood, toil, tears and sweat

[39:48] - Best investment

[41:07] - My favorite book

[43:01] - In one year from now...

Jun 4, 2015

Today's question is a great one and if you want to have your own high ticket coaching program, make sure to listen to this episode and learn how Mario recommends to create a powerful Coaching Program.


[0:42] - How do I create My own coaching program quickly?

[1:05] - It's really easy to do

[2:49] - Do You wanna one to one coaching, or group coaching?

[6:01] - Members area

[8:35] - In person workshop

Jun 3, 2015

Get inspired to take massive action by listening to this Episode. Mario breaks down how to implement this simple but powerful quote.


[1:50] - Don't Wish For It, Work For It

[2:57] - You have to take a step

[5:03] - You have create environment

[8:10] - Get a coach

[11:50] - Don't Wish For It, Work For It 

Jun 1, 2015

[0:40] - Affiliate marketing vs. Product creation

[2:10] - What is affiliate marketing?

[3:30] - Affiliate marketing benefits

[5:50] - Amazon amazing selling machine

[8:30] - Product creation

[10:55] - Hard work - just once

[12:40] - Go with product creation



May 29, 2015

What story do you want to create for yourself? Think about the your fears that are self-created and let them go. Making your inner voice positive can be the key to convincing yourself of your worth and give you the ability to obtain clarity. JC gives us insight to the reasons most people make decisions and how the law of winning can lead you to your goals. Do things with passion, do things with no regrets and go overboard with your intenseness! Get a Coach! 


Key Takeaways:

[3:18] All about JC

[7:10] Downtimes in life teach valuable lessons

[10:30] How do you tackle fear?

[11:16] Born with only two fears

[12:19] Faith or Fear?

[13:21] Hearing the right things over and over

[15:40] Mohammed Ali convinced himself

[16:08] A winning confession, build faith, take action

[18:27] Mike Tyson’s boxing whisperer

[19:28] Changing your inner voice to be positive

[21:25] What are the first things JC works on?

[22:11] Who are you? Top 5

[25:30] What story do you want to create for yourself?

[26:42] Why?

[27:53] Clarity

[29:47] What happens when you hit the wall?

[30:42] Do it even when you don’t feel like it

[32:22] The reasons people make decisions

[33:27] Action not feelings

[34:22] The law of winning

[36:05] Getting your brand out there

[38:21] Way overboard with intenseness

[39:40] No regrets

[41:37] JC’s best investment

[44:04] Invest in a coach

[46:26] In one year JC wants?

[51:42] Mantras                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


The 5 Love Languages


May 28, 2015

Question: What’s the fastest way to build an e-mail list or a database?


Mario responds: Nothing is more powerful than a good database. Conduct a product launch with joint venture partners and giveaway 100% of the commission. It’s an irresistible way to build a massive list of buyers. It’s the key to your long term wealth strategy. 


Key Takeaways:

[:37] Listener question

[1:16] The fastest way to build a list

[1:37] Why do you want a list?

[2:31] You must invest time 

[3:18] Invest money and buy traffic

[4:03] A solo ad

[4:36] A product launch

[5:32] 100% commission

[6:28] A buyers list 




May 27, 2015

It’s just 20 minutes but it is so important how you start your day. Set the stage for your best day by box breathing, eating healthy and concentrating on your life’s purpose. Adding meditation and visualization will get you on the right track to focus on creating a business that is fun, highly lucrative and truly makes a difference. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:53] Morning Mantras - Thank you, I love you

[2:51] Lemon water 

[3:20] Take a breath of nature

[4:20] Give thanks

[5:12] Basic stretches

[5:38] Dancing and music makes you happy

[6:07] Box breathing

[7:20] The 5 minute journal

[8:35] Read your life’s purpose out loud

[9:17] The missing link of meditation

[10:01] Visualization

[11:57] Summary 



The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

The Way of the Seal - Mark Divine

The 5 Minute Journal 



May 25, 2015

A body of work that you can be proud of must be earned through building an audience, creating high quality content that adds value to people’s lives and you must make offers and ask for business to generate revenue. You will be in fantastic shape if you focus on these 3 things daily. 


Key Takeaways:

[0:58] Mario on spreading himself too thin

[3:28] 3 things for the highest impact

[4:25] Build an audience

[5:20] Creating high quality content

[6:22] Making offers

[8:29] If a new task doesn’t fit, don’t do it

[9:05] Getting distracted

[9:59] What are your 3 things?

[11:21] What is needed for a product launch




The One Thing


May 22, 2015

Start your morning with your business in mind. Your most productive hours are when your mind is fresh. Work on podcast or other content that resonates with your audience, supply them with information that has value and enhances their trust in you. Celebrate your own small successes by minding your own business and remember it’s not a popularity contest it’s all about your audience. 


Key Takeaways: 

[3:10] The Kobe interview 

[4:00] Sacrifice and choose

[4:20] A common trait of successful entrepreneurs

[5:44] You gotta be hungry

[6:40] Taking things to the limit

[7:23] Celebrate the small successes

[8:30] Fear is an illusion 

[10:08] Mind your own ‘business’

[11:17] Mantras and affirmations

[11:44] The Seinfeld example

[12:56] Social comparisons

[14:17] Marketing to earn trust

[15:30] Podcasting to build trust

[18:28] What’s working for Omar

[22:49] The first episodes

[23:50] Cool strategies to make users into subscribers

[28:00] The website is your home

[31:23] The podcast is the trust generator

[33:52] Let’s talk about money

[35:16] An audience is gold in business

[37:25] Be selective with your sponsors

[38:20] Where is the sponsor sweet spot

[41:19] WTF, listen to the perfect read

[43:40] Morning is for production

[46:53] The human connection, event speaking

[47:38] The mindset change

[49:15] An investment in yourself

[50:50] A Dan Sullivan question

[53:40] What has Omar pumped

[56:33] The wrap up



$100 MBA

You gotta be hungry - Les Brown

Webinar Ninja





America Dream U. 


May 21, 2015

Question: John from the MissionPreneur coaching program asks “What is the fastest way for me to become the authority or celebrity in my niche?”


Mario responds: The are two ways to become the instant authority. One, Get on stage. Two, become a published author. 


Key Takeaways:

[1:14] John’s question 

[2:14] Two ways to instant authority

[2:26] Instant credibility and authority

[3:04] Self-publishing a book

[3:44] Best sellers on amazon

[4:34] A ghost writer

[5:36] The person on stage is the expert

[6:50] Toastmasters

[7:32] Summary





May 20, 2015

Mario shares the useful tools he uses to keep him on track with his upcoming projects. Making your goals public is a great way to add some pressure and increase accountability. Make your list of what to do and what not to do then focus on the things that have the most impact. 


Key Takeaways:

[:57] Accountability

[2:35] The 12 week year

[3:48] Getting a big wall calendar

[4:29] Mapping out your projects

[5:30] Giving yourself a deadline

[6:52] Coaching is great accountability

[8:43] Take Massive Imperfect Action to Execute

[9:18] Make it public

[9:35] A mentor who resonates with you

[10:03] What not to do

[10:30] Focus on the things that are essential

[11:00] The MissionPreneur podcast example

[13:12] The next step for you



The 12 week year 

Podcasters Paradise - John Lee Dumas

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